A socially driven health & wellness community: Body. Mind. Spirit.
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About Youvana:

Youvana is a socially driven health & wellness collective community with a mission to heal our communities of color. We plan to do so through providing access to affordable services, products, and education program that will support a healthy lifestyle shift. We welcome all without judgment. Our wellness practitioners community will meet you where you're at in your wellness journey and aim to create a supportive and FUN environment with each of class, product, and/or service so help you take charge of your mind, body, and spirit.

Youvana was founded by Lisa Xiong after hearing and witnessing health disparities in her community from years of community engagement work. She found yoga and meditation along with her active lifestyle for helping her live a more wholesome life today and so she wanted to share the tools that transformed her life with others; to put loving their body, mind, and spirit at the top of their to-do list; to take charge of nourishing their own body and feel alive, so Youvana was born.

She created Youvana with the goal of putting YOU first. Youvana wants to help you make your life your happy place! We focus on integrative wellness services and natural products to inspire you to give love to your body, mind, and spirit and live your best wholesome life.

Welcome to Youvana: Your Happy Place!